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Culture and Indonesia

The essence of Indonesia is its people. The essence of the people is their culture. Almost everything which happens around and about you in this amazing archipelago is culturally biased and based upon tradition.

The faces that you meet say so much . If you haven't yet visited Indonesia you will find, if you come here, that it is the interaction between yourself and other people which gives you an understanding of the cultures of these many islands which make up the archipelago.

In Indonesia, Culture can hardly be looked upon as a subject on its own. Everything is effected by the culture, or should we say, the mixture of cultures which is one of the beauties of Indonesia.

While the nation is made up of a number of differing language groups, there has long been a unity brought about by the national language, Bahasa Indonesia which has not only been politically unifying and a boon to business but has also developed its own beauty, partly because of the nature and the cultures of the people who use it.

From time to time this culture section will feature special stories and reports which we feel are best labelled under this category. At the same time it would be difficult to find a story about Indonesia which is not "cultural" in some aspect.

Soon we will begin to specialise in the specific cultures of the provinces and these stories will be linked at the provincial level as well as having an index here. Always our Magazine Section (National) will contain the synopsis of all the articles which are being published.

We wish you good reading and enjoyment. Should you wish to ask us about any aspect of our magazine please click on one of the numerous email ikons and send us your news. We look forward to hearing from you.


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