Gamelan in Bali

Sekehe Sekar Dharma Purwa Jati
is a Balinese performing group which is based on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

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The group specialises in the traditional Semar Pegulingan style of Balinese music and the most classic of the traditional dances Legong Kraton.
If you are looking for something different and spectaclar for your next Festival of Arts, use this group. We offer various types of performance depending on the numbers of people included in the group. Contact us directly at for further details.

As well, the group can perfom a number of other styles of Balinese music :
  • Arja/Balinese opera
  • Gong Kebyar
  • Kecak/monkey dance
  • Calanorang/Barong dance.
  • Godogan/Frog dance
  • Jogcak/Jegog
Performances include an illustrated presesntation of the history of Balinese music, in English, and an explanation of gamelan music. design by frogaroo