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see the archipelago with
the National Shipping Line

by Jack Michealson

Traveling through Indonesia takes time.It goes without saying that the best way to see an archipelago is by ship. The waters of Indonesia are seldom violent in nature and travel by ship is mostly very comfortable. Because ships and large inter-island ferries which also carry vehicles are a cheap way of transporting large numbers of people in the world's fourth most populous country they are out there in abundance.

Garuda: From Myth to National Symbol
by Dr. Jean Couteau

Indonesia uses a symbol to unite its millions, comprising different ethnic groups, cultural traditions and religious beliefs. Dr. Jean Couteau presents a study of the Garuda, as a symbol of this unity and as the vehicle for the Indonesian ideology - the Pancasila.

Classification: Culture/National

Down the Back Alleys of Paradise
by Ni Jegeg

We take a peep through the dark facade of Balinese night to see what lurks behind the shadows.

Classification: Culture/Bali

The Perancak Cup is one of three special race meetings held every year in Jembrana, the most western region of Bali. .

Join Ni Jegeg for the excitement of buffalo racing at its Balinese best.

Borobudur: Tri Suci Waisak Puja
by Douglas Myers

Sri Pannavaro Thera, the monk who founded the monastery in Mendut, describes Borobudur as "having slept well for 500 years". See this mighty monument through the eyes of an experienced traveler in Indonesia on its holiest of days - Tri Suci Waisak.

Classification: Culture/Religion/Yogyakarta


A Seed takes Root by Douglas Myers

Much is written on the "demise" of culture but very little is written about the "birth" of new forms.

Jaipongan is an excellent example of the virility of the Indonesian people and their culture and the way in which cultural change takes place with a natural momentum.

Join us in a little nostalgia as we re-live the halcyon days of the Bali Post's English Corner.

LOVE ME AND LEAVE ME by Kadek Mataram, tells the strangely human tale of a holiday romance.

Cartoon by Wayan Sadha

Business a la Bali Budaya
by Jack Michaelson

Jack takes a business-like look at the mind of a successful artifact trader in Bali. He discovers more in the philosophy of Wayan Sila than he had imagined.

Classification: Business/Bali

Of Frog Song and other sounds
by Douglas Myers.

The first in a series of writings on the music of the archipelago by Douglas Myers, an ethnomusicologist who has specialised in the music of this area for over twenty years. This piece explores the origins of Indonesian music and the sounds of the frogs.

Classification: Culture/Music/National

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