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Tour 1. Pura Pusering Jagat

( The Capital Temple - the Navel of the World ) is one of Bali's six most important temples that are positioned in the six direction. This temple is at the centre of Bali whist Pura Besakih is the highest point.
Featuring a lingaa and yoni this is a place for childless couple to come and pray.
40 minutes

Tour 2. Bedulu Archaeological Museum

This research centre features archaeological findings from all over East Indonesia including sarcophagi from before the time cremation was the norm in Bali, Ming Dynasty plates left behind by Chinese traders from the 10th to 30 minutes plus

Tour 3. Rock Temple Walk to Pura Jati

This walk takes you from Pura Pusering through the rice fields, past archaeological remains by the Kelebutan spring to see the Rock temple ( pura Kelebutan ) which is carvedout of the stone on the side of the flowing water.
You can enjoy this site and meditate.
2 hours or 1 hour from Pura Pusering Jagat Early Morning/ Late Afternoon

Tour 4. Pura Kebo Edan

Pura Kebo Edan (the crazy buffalo temple ) houses the Siwa Bhairawa statue also known as the giant of Pejeng with a piercing in his penis, human skulls and a headdress of human skulls.
15 minutes

Tour 5. Penataran Sasih

The last major temple we visit is Penataran Sasih which features the Moon of Pejeng, the large bronze drum with an age estimated at about 2000 years. It is the largest extant" dongson drum" in existence.
20-30 minutes

Tour 6. Gunung Kawi

These impressive candi's are carved into the cliffs either side of the river Pakerisan , and the Wihara (meditation rooms ) carved out of solid rock are equated with the Ellora Caves of India and the tomb of Arterxes II at Persepolis
1 hour 15 minutes

Tour 7. Tirtha Empul - the fountain of eternal youth

The holy spring at Tirtha Empul are believedto have healing powers. The spring water bubbles up into a bathing pool in the temple complex in spectaculer rush of crystal clear blue and various shades of aquamarine. There are many myths regarding the creation of the spring usually evolving around the God Indra.

Tour 8. Gunung Kawi Saba

This temple is especially for the owners of rice fields. A favourite Balinese bathing place which is graced with mountain spring and statues bubbling water for bathing and large pond full of fish. A beautiful setting which is at
it's best in the early morning or the late afternoon.
1 hour


Tour 9. Taro - the village of the sacred white buffalo

Taro is famous for it's sacred white albino buffalo. Their urine and exrement are believed to have healing properties as a body srub. The ancient temple and village of Taro remain today as a quaint reminder of Bali's past.
In the last few years Taro has also become the village which houses the "elephan walk". We can arrange your ride on an elephant's back.
30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours (with elephant walk )

Tour 10. Goa Garba

Goa Garba is an ancient site which is still used today for meditation and player. The area surrounding the side has beautiful picnic areas and the nearby river is also a favourite fishing site for the Balinese. A pond close to the cave is used as a source of holy water by the Balinese.
30 minutes + depending on your activity.


Tour 11. Walking from Keliki to Campuan

See various aspects of Balinese life as you walk along the spur of the george and enjoy panoramic views. A highly recommeded walk.
1 1/2 hours

Tour 12. Sunset tour with outstanding artists.

Visit a sculptor of outstanding ability and a maker of theree dimensional carved panels of extraordinary beauty. See the sunset over the Ayung gorge.
2 1/2 hours (afternoons only)


Tour 13. Paras stone

Visit a site where paras stone is being cut from the cliffside in the river gorge and is then taken to be shaped by the stone masons into statues or stone shapes to be used in building.
1 hour

Tour 14. Goa Gajah and Yeh Pulu

The best time to see Goa Gajah (the elephant caves) is in the early mornings.
At this hour you can see the ways in which these ancient caves and baths are still in use in daily Balinese life. Then walk through the back streets of the village to the Yeh Pulu relief dating form the 14th Century
1hour 30 minutes


Tour 15. Pura Samoan Tiga

Pura Samoan Tiga one of the most important temple in Hindu Balinese history. This large 11th century temple complexis where the three religions - Animism, Buddhism and Hinduism - came to create the now present Dharma Hindu Bali, the name Pura Samoan Tiga (The Temple of the Meeting of the Thrree)
30 minutes

Tour 16. Bedulu Tour

This combined walking tour takes in Goa Gajah, Yeh Pulu and Pura Samoan Tiga.
2 hours 30 minutes


Act 1 Eel Hunting At Night
With one of our guides join the local farmers as they roam through the rice fields carrying gas lanterns and hunting for eels.
Act 2 Fishing
Go fishing in one of the beautiful rivers of Bali for catfish or prawns. Stop in at a lokal warung for pecel lele, for a taste of Bali's famous catfish dish.
Act 3 Fishing at Sea
Try the lokal netfishing in a Jukung (the lokal small fishing boats) from a nearby beach. We can also arrange deep sea game fishing.
Act 4 Command Performance
In a enchanting Balinese atmosphere, wath a command performance of the rarely performed Barong Landung Dance drama and Legong Kraton.
Enjoy a Balinese banquet of Babi Guling (roast pig) or Bebek Tutu (duck / chicken cooked in spices in an earth oven) while watching the event.

Hands On!

We can arrange short or long courses in your special interest
Learn 1 Balinese Cooking Classes
Basics of Balinese cooking, the herbs, the different cooking techniques and the traditions behind the various dishes of Bali.
Learn 2 Balinese Dance
Learn men's and women's styles of dance individualy or participate in a group workshop.
Learn 3 Musical Tuition (Gamelan)
Playing instruments individually or participate in a group workshop.
Learn 4 Martial Arts Class
Have a lesson in this unique Indonesian martial art. Can include the Yoga side of Pencak Silat .
Learn 5 Batik Making
Batik is a traditional form of patterning cloth. Wax is used to allow the dying of various colours.
Learn 6 Silver smithing
Learn 7 Mask Making
Learn 8 Wood carving
Learn 9 Painting
Learn 10 Balinese Religious Offerings


As well as our fleet of finely maintained modern air conditioned vehicles we can also present for your use some of the classic vehicles of Bali (often used to pick - up and drp our clients for the Learn sections.
These vehicles include loving restored examples of
Toyota's first vehicle designed for the Indonesian market and imported from Japan in 1981.
VW Combi van imported from Brazil in 1985.


We can make your dreams of Bali come to fruition.
Tell us what you would like to do.
Visit a building site ?
Understad the irrigation system ?
Whatever you would like we will arrange it for you.


We specialise in Picnics in beautiful spaces. Let us arrange one for you.


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